Songlines Music Awards 2014 Best Group

Best Group: Tamikrest

Album: Chatma on Glitterbeat

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There are two artists from Mali amongst this year's award winners - and it’s perhaps fitting that one is from the Bamana culture of the south and one from the Touareg culture of the north. Tamikrest are currently living outside Mali in southern Algeria and their most recent album, Chatma, which means ‘Sisters’ in Tamashek, is about the women who suffer during war - see our feature in #96.

Led by frontman Ousmane Ag Mossa, Tamikrest are from Kidal, also home to Tinariwen. They formed in 2006, but became internationally known after meeting the indie band Dirtmusic at the Festival in the Desert and recording on their 2010 album BKO and releasing their debut album Adagh, produced by Dirtmusic's Chris Eckman.

Chatma, their powerful third album featuring female vocalist Wonou Walet Sidati, was a Top of the World, with Nigel Williamson praising their psych-guitar effects and Pink Floyd-style sonic montage: ‘All credit, then, to Tamikrest - who are a generation younger than the original Touareg war vets - for taking the sound in brave and brilliant new directions.’