Best Group: 2014 Nominees

Nádur on ARC Music

Clannad Clannad Amazon

It has been a while since we have heard from Irish group Clannad, fronted by singer Moya Brennan. Their last album came out in 1998 but their big return with Nádúr came just in time to celebrate the 40th anniversary since their debut release. The album, whose title means 'nature' in Irish Gaelic, is very much rooted in their home county of Donegal and sees the original family quintet together once again.

Los Desterrados
Dos Amantes on Enkalador Records

Los Desterrados Los Desterrados Amazon

Los Desterrados delve into the Ladino music of the Spanish Jews, breathing new life into this largely-forgotten repertoire. They dip into a wealth of influences, including North African, Balkan, Gypsy and flamenco. Assisted by percussionist Guy Schalom on several tracks, the London-based group provide a vibrant glimpse into the influences hidden within Sephardic repertoire..

Na Vschod on Karrot Kommando

R.U.T.A. R.U.T.A.  

Since their debut in 2011, Polish punks R.U.T.A. have made their name with their wild folk-inspired music played with raw power and anarchic vocals. Their second release, Na Vschod (To the East), sees them looking in that direction for inspiration and collaborators. There are songs from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia here, and with things recently kicking off in Kiev, the R.U.T.A. revolution seems to be spreading quickly.

Chatma on Glitterbeat

Tamikrest Tamikrest Amazon

The young Touareg rockers' third album, whose name means 'sisters' in Tamashek, is dedicated to Touareg women, and as such features the outstanding vocals of Wonou Walet Sidati, the group's only female member. Produced by Chris Eckman, Chatma sees Tamikrest stand out from the Touareg crowd with more variety to their sound, including psych-rock, indie, dub and funk mixed among the iconic desert rock.

words by Alexandra Petropoulos