Songlines Music Travel: The Flights

Songlines Music Travel

The booking class used on our ex-London (departure from London) group flights is economy. If you wish to upgrade your flight, please call us on 0207 501 6375 and discuss this with our consultants.

The flight routings used on our tours are usually non-stop and direct. However for some tours we may use indirect flight routings with a change of aircraft en route. This may be because we cannot obtain an allocation of seats with a direct carrier, or because it may be the only option available to us. If in such a situation you wish to book a direct flight, please call us on 0207 501 6375.

The in-flight meals offered on your ex-London flights may vary. Many carriers nowadays are not offering complimentary in-flight meals, so we are unable to guarantee a meal on all our flights. Please check with us or the carrier if this is a cause of concern for you. Where meals are included we can request any dietary requirements but these are rarely confirmed back to us so you are best advised to check in early and talk to the check-in staff on the day of your flight.

The flight supplement that we may require in some situations is because we hold an allocation of seats on most tours, but the allocation (a block of seats which the airline allows us to hold without client names) is for a limited number of seats. Once these seats are used, or if you book after we have released the unsold allocation seats back to the airline, then we may have to source an alternative seat. This may cost more than the allocated seats on which the advertised tour price was based. You will be told about this prior to our accepting your booking. In general, if you book early you avoid flight supplements.

The fuel surcharge is unfortunately currently very much a part of flying, due to the soaring cost of aviation fuel. Airlines pass such increases on as and when they deem them to be necessary. All Songlines Music Travel ex-London tour prices include any fuel surcharges known at the time of publishing the tour price. However further surcharges can subsequently occur; you will be told of any further fuel surcharges applicable at the time of booking.

The need to surcharge after you have booked with us is infrequent. But where fuel surcharges are imposed by airlines after you have booked your holiday these will be passed on to you along with any other government taxes or dues relating to security, embarkation or disembarkation. Songlines Music Travel will however absorb an amount equal to 2% of the holiday cost invoiced (excluding amendments fees and insurance).

Late booking is usually the most likely to incur a flight supplement. This is because our flight allocation will have been released back to the airline and we must source an alternative flight, or a seat on the same flight as the group but at a higher price than that charged for our already-booked group. A late booking is one made within six weeks of the date of travel.

The regional airports outside London nowadays offer a number of flight choices. Where these are available to the destination of your choice we can look into flights for you but such flights will usually be more expensive than the ex-London flights included in our tours. It should be noted that for several of our destinations there are no linking flights available from regional airports.

The flight changes that can occur can be a nuisance, so it’s worth a word of explanation. The airline used on your tour may change subsequent to your booking. Carriers may withdraw allocations of seats due to their use of a smaller aircraft, for example, or may even withdraw a route. Where this occurs we will source another carrier and advise you of any effect this may have on your tour.

When you book with us we will supply you with flight routings and timings correct at the time of your booking. However carriers can and do change the flight numbers, routings and most frequently the timings of your flight. Timings can change several times between booking and taking off so we will monitor any changes and notify you if there is a variation of more than six hours in your flight timings; smaller changes will not be communicated to you as you could end up with a surfeit of correctional emails. Your final invoice will again contain the most up-to-date timings and any other subsequent timing changes will be passed on to you. In view of these points it is advisable not to book any connecting travel arrangements to your departure airport until you have received your final invoice.

The journey to the airport - it’s your responsibility to get to the departure airport on the right day, for the right departure time and in good time to allow a leisurely check-in. Remember slower check-ins due to security checks and lengthy queues at the hand-luggage checks means if you check in at the last minute, you could miss your flight. We recommend you should aim to be at the check-in about two hours before departure.

Flight delays can raise the blood pressure too. They can occur due to many reasons: overbooking situations, security issues, air traffic control problems, technical problems with an aircraft and bad weather for instance. Airlines vary in their response to delays, with regards to the issuance of drink or meal vouchers or even the provision of accommodation. Songlines Music Travel has no control over the response of the airline - the carrier’s standard response will apply. We will sometimes be advised by the carrier if there is a delay, but in the case of any serious delay to your flight, please call us on 0207 501 6375.

For information and reservations, call Songlines Music Travel on 0207 501 6375