New single from Dona Onete – Video Exclusive

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Dona Onete


The grand dame of Amazonian song has still got it – and she’s back with a new single.

Dona Onete, the saucy 79 year old Brazilian singer who only turned to singing at the age of 73, opens a fresh chapter in new Brazilian music with ‘No Meio Do Pitiú (In The Middle of The Pitiú)’ on Mais Um Discos. Referring to the pungent water which floods the fish markets as the ice which cools the fish defrosts, her native Indian and African heritage shines through on this playful song, released on March 24.


Dona Onete’s ‘Carimbó Chamegado’ from Feitiço Caboclo was a Songlines Top of the World in #104, with the album receiving a five-star review.

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Beyond the Beat: An Exhibition of Global Music Photography, March 28 – April 23

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Royal Albert Hall & Songlines Magazine present ‘Beyond the Beat’, an exhibition of global music photography

We’ve always said at Songlines that music is a window on the world and that’s made clear at a unique exhibition of world music photography to be held at London’s Royal Albert Hall in April. All 13 exhibiting photographers have had their work published within the pages of Songlines, and the breadth of subjects, textures and styles in their photographs is as wide as the world itself: Sufi trance from Morocco, Gypsy brass from Romania, Touareg guitarists from the Sahara, Colombian cowboys, Mexican divas, griots from Mali, Asian dancers… the list goes on and on.


Images of many of the great musical names will be on show including Fela Kuti, Tinariwen, Amjad Ali Khan, Cesaria Evora, Djivan Gasparyan as well as many more lesser-known artists. Never before has such a broad range of musical subjects been covered in a single photographic exhibition. The pictures will also be available to purchase. Across these pages, we present a sample of the exhibition, but if you can, go beyond the beat and feast your ears through your eyes!

The exhibition will be on display in the Royal Albert Hall’s Amphi Corridor and can be viewed when attending a performance between March 28 and April 23 2017, or on the following free open days:

Saturday April 1: 10am-4pm
Sunday April 2: 10am-4pm
Sunday April 16: 10am-1pm
Saturday April 22: 10am-1pm
Sunday April 23: 10am-1pm

+ MORE Beyond the Beat is curated by Andy Morgan, Dave Gamble and Songlines and is sponsored by Niche Frames
+ Find out more

All the displayed works will be on sale.

The participating photographers are: Miriam Abdulla; Simon Broughton; Arnhel De Serra; Thomas Dorn; Julio Etchart; Aubrey Fagon; Alex Harvey-Brown; Sarah Hickson; Cath Legras; Elly Lucas; Andy Morgan; Bartek Muracki; Alex Robinson.

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Artists set to perform at SXSW denied entry into US

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Several artists have been denied entry into the US ahead of the South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) taking place March 10-19 in Austin, Texas. Italian group Soviet Soviet, London-based United Vibrations, Canadian/Egyptian Massive Scar Era and Danish producer ELOQ are among acts to have announced their travel rejection.

SXSW is a broad and diverse festival, covering film, comedy and music in a range of venues across Austin. In 2016 the festival welcomed more than 2,200 performers, representing more than 67 countries. While visa complications for travelling musicians are not uncommon, in light of recent comments made and orders put forward by President Trump in particular, the nature of these complications are being increasingly questioned.

Trump’s first Executive Order, though blocked by federal judges, denied visitors from seven African and Middle Eastern countries entry to the US. His second revised attempt, set to be implemented on March 16, has removed Iraq from the list of banned nations and exempts current visa-holders, yet still refuses entry to visitors from six Muslim-majority countries. Soviet Soviet, Massive Scar, ELOQ and United Vibrations have all spoken publicly about their experiences of attempting to travel to Austin for SXSW.

“We arrived in Seattle on the afternoon of March 8,” write Soviet Soviet in a joint public statement. “We made our way to passport control with our ESTA, a letter from our American label… and a written invitation on the part of SXSW in hand.” The group go on to describe how each member was questioned for almost four hours. Despite informing the authorities that they would not be receiving any payment for their performance, nor that they had any intention of staying in the US, they were told they would be denied entry to the country and deported back to Italy. “We accepted this decision as it seemed final at that point. They took our digital fingerprints and took mugshots of us for their file. They confiscated our cell phones and we were denied the possibility of contacting our families and loved ones. Around 10.30pm, two prison officers frisked us, handcuffed us and brought us to jail in a police car. We spent the night in jail and had been escorted there as though we were three criminals.” Read the full statement here

Similarly, ELOQ took to Twitter to inform fans about his experience. He said he would not be playing at SXSW but returning to Denmark, “even though I was informed by SXSW I had the right visa.” He also wrote that he had “been handcuffed and detained in a small very bright room plus a very unpleasant jail cell for 23 hours.” London-based quartet United Vibrations took to social media to question why they had not been let in to the US, asking whether it was down to their “names,” their “music” or “the colour of [their] skin.” Fellow London-based musician Yussef Khamaal, also denied entry, apologised to all those coming out to see him perform.

Heavy metal band Massive Scar Era shared a similar experience, posting a video to social media along with a statement which claims that despite having provided the necessary paperwork and official SXSW visa waiver, and communicating with the festival, the group were denied entry. The band questioned whether one member’s Egyptian passport may have been the issue, as the “bassist is First Nation.” His card was refused however, and was told “he needs to get a DNA test.”

SXSW themselves have come under fire for a contract clause which threatens immigration authority involvement for behaviour adverse to the festival’s interests (Told Slant withdrew their performance for this reason). SXSW have said there are no “deportation clauses” in their current agreements, nor will there be in the future, and have publicly denounced Trump’s travel ban

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ContraBanned: #MusicUnites Showcase celebrates the power of music

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In our March issue (#125) we focused on the power of music, and its abilities to bring people together and provide a voice for those who may otherwise be unheard. It felt, and still feels, like an appropriate time to cover the subject.

On March 17, at the South by Southwest Conference (SXSW) in Austin, Texas, the ContraBanned: #MusicUnites showcase will take place at the Palm Door on 6th Street. Artists from diaspora communities of the nations banned by the January 27 Executive Order issued by President Trump will perform at the event. The aim is to encourage people to come together to celebrate the power of music and give a voice to the often misrepresented and misunderstood. 


Performers include:

Mamak Khadem (Iran/US) Vocal wonder of world trance music

Ash Koosha (Iran/UK) Ninja Tunes electronic musician/composer, virtual reality pioneer, synaesthete

Faarrow (Somalia/Canada) beat heavy fusion of African, hip hop and pop music

Khaled M (Libya/US) Libyan-American hip hop voice of conscience

Bassel and the Supernaturals (Syria/US) Syrian heart, Chicago soul

More to be confirmed.

Visit the SXSW website for more info.

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