ActionAid launches world’s first emergency music network

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Music and humanitarian aid unite once again. ActionAid has launched the world’s first ever emergency music network, ActionAid Live, backed by music stars across the UK. The network of bands, musicians, fans, promoters and venues aims to raise funds for victims of humanitarian emergencies all over the world. It is a great way to respond to emergencies straight away and to provide immediate relief.

Whether you’re a band, venue, promoter or independent musician with a lot of enthusiasm, you can help save lives when the next humanitarian emergency strikes. Putting on a fundraising gig, attending one or donating money from an existing show you’re already part of is a great way to get involved and will contribute towards the UK-wide network of events united to raise money. Everything Everything’s Jeremy Pritchard said, “£50 will feed an entire family for a fortnight, and £100 could shelter two families.” It makes a big difference.

In the meantime, Radio 1 DJ and ActionAid ambassador Huw Stephens will be spreading the word to up-and-coming new talent around the country, whilst Cancer Bats singer Liam Cormier is urging fans to sign up also. Festival Republic managing director Melvin Benn also urges everyone else in the industry to take notice and support this effort. The ActionAid music network is a great way to get every individual involved in an emergency response.

Bands, musicians, fans and promoters can sign up to ActionAid Live at, where you can receive updates and find guides on how to put on a successful fundraiser.

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