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This week we’ve been reading reviews by other publications to see what they’ve got to say about the latest world music releases…

One review we liked was by The Guardian, who rated Ablaye Ndiaye Thiossane’s latest album Thiossane with three stars. With Orchestra Baobab’s concert coming up at the end of this month, this one really caught our eye. Thiossane’s band includes Orchestra Baobab’s sax player, Thierno Kouaté, along with three singers who are either current or former Baobab members. Thiosanne also sang with Orchestra Baobab during his career, but this album is all about Thiosanne – not bad for a man in his mid-70s! To read the review, click here.

With the Belgium-Congolese rapper, Baloji, lined up to support Orchestra Baobab in a few weeks, we had a look at who else has reviewed his latest album Kinshasa Succursale. The Independent gave it a huge five stars and we don’t blame them, since it’s one of our choices for the ten best new releases! This album is definitely worth checking out and nothing sounds better than a live recording. Read the short but sweet review here.

We also had a peek to see what The Telegraph has reviewed lately. There was an excellent review of The Original Sound of Cumbia last month. This album is full of vintage quality recordings, which a few of us like to hear from time to time. Musician and producer William Holland spent the past five years searching through Colombia’s record shops and markets to piece together the history of cumbia – now that’s passion and dedication! The Telegraph gave it the rating of four stars. Click here to read the review.


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