The 12.12.12 London Underground Challenge

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While there will certainly be no shortage of music and cultural events this Olympic year, there is one project that recently caught our eye.

The 12.12.12 London Underground Challenge, taken on my musician Shaun Buswell, will aim to raise funds for the charity Music4Life, run by Kick4Life.

The Challenge

Shaun has to put together an orchestra of 30-100 members, which is to be made up of complete strangers he has met on the London Underground. He has until December 12 2012 to collect the members and then the orchestra must perform at one of top twelve venues in London. 

Think that’s a piece of cake? Shaun is only allowed to recruit musicians he has met on the underground for the first time (strictly within the gates of the station), the musicians must have their instrument on them at the time he meets them, and Shaun must write all music to be performed – he can’t read a note of music.

The Charity

Music4Life is run by Kick4Life which has focused their efforts in southern Africa, using football and sport as means to change the lives of disadvantaged children. The CEO of Kick4Life, Steve Fleming says of Music4Life ‘This is an incredibly original and exciting idea and we are thrilled that Shaun will be supporting us. Music is a huge part of everyday life in Lesotho, and thanks to Shaun’s endeavours we’ll be able to reach more disadvantaged people with our life-saving work.’

If you would like to donate to Music4Life, please visit Shaun’s JustGiving site.

For more information on the 12.12.12 Challenge, visit Shaun’s site or follow along as he updates his progress on his blog



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      Shaun you are doing good work. Wish you all the best.