Guča Brass Band Festival

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The annual brass festival in Guča has been going since 1961 and is one of the wildest parties in Europe. Taking place over four days in August, the festivities see more than 300,000 people descend on the village – usually home to just 3,000 inhabitants – where revellers can feast on spit-roasted lamb and pork, sup alcohol aplenty and enjoy some of the 40 brass bands playing the local dances – the kolo and the cocek.

There are still spots on our Songlines Music Travel trip to the 2012 Guča Brass Band Festival. Joe Walker, a traveller on the 2010 trip, relates the excitement:

Please Joe, trust me. Sit here, at this table,” said Vlad. Moments later, I could see bouncers appear at the doors, keeping newcomers at bay. And then it happened – a Montenegrin millionaire’s party at the table four feet from ours was suddenly joined by the entire Markovic band with Marko leading a three-hour private set into the wee hours, his golden trumpet just an arm’s length from us. Our little Songlines tour group spent the night dancing on the tables – it had to be the most euphoric musical atmosphere I have ever been a part of.

To join us for the madness in 2012 or for more information, please visit our Songlines Music Travel website.

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