The Music of Cuba

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Cuba is one of the world’s great musical destinations. And for the past decade, since the release of the Buena Vista Social Club CD, music has been a part of Cuba’s international image.

In fact there are those that credit World Circuit (the BVSC label) with helping the growth in Cuban tourism. Virtually anyone visiting Havana these days is likely to find themselves with a group of soneros strumming ‘Chan Chan’, but thankfully the Songlines Music Travel trip – led by the author of the Rough Guide to Cuban Music and regular Songlines contributor, Philip Sweeney – offers a good deal more than that.

The journey through Cuba starts in the east, where son and the Cuban revolution began in the mountains of the Sierra Maestra. It ends in Havana, where Mambo emerged and reggaeton holds sway today. The Songlines Music Travel tour is a journey that will introduce you to the range of Cuban music today, from Afro-Cuban rumba to reggaeton – ending with three rhythm-drenched days in Havana.

To join us on this year’s trip in September, please visit our Songlines Music Travel website.

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    One Response to “The Music of Cuba”

    1. Ryan Says:

      When I was last in Cuba I had the privilege of watching Roberto Fonseca (a remnant of Buena Vista Social Club) and his band perform. They were absolutely stunning. I love Cuban Jazz, what other typed of music can you suggest?