World Music Network announces Battle of the Bands winner

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World Music Network recently announced the latest winner in their Battle of the Bands, Suaramantra. 

Suaramantra, from Indonesia, is lead by visual artist Mantra on guitar, synth and vocals and includes Omink on vocals, Suradipa  on bass, Adimusti and Putu Sanjiwani on percussion and Ferdi on synth. 

Suaramantra means, maybe unsurprisingly, the voice of Mantra. Stuck by polio, Mantra was left wheelchair bound, which later motivated him to purse art and music. Being both an artist and musician means that the emphasis in his music lies on the textures and colours of the notes and compositions. 

The winning song, ‘Putri Mandalika’ narrates the story of a princess ‘who, after the pressure of having to choose a husband, jumps into the sea. She is reincarnated into a colourful sea worm, Nyale, an animal which is fished each year for three days and three nights, during Ramadam.

You can listen to the winning track ‘Putri Mandalika’ here. 


Keep your eye out for the first World Music Network Battle Of The Bands album, Rough Guide To Undiscovered World, featuring tracks from the competition, which will be released later in the year.

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