Akoya Afrobeat

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Afro-beat fans take note! The New York based Akoya Afrobeat Ensemble are looking for more fans to help them raise money to record their new album. Using commercial crowd funding site Kickstarter, the ensemble are trying to raise US$9,000 to cover all of their costs and they only have a week left. They currently have over US$5,000 but need more donations or Kickstarter won’t be able to fund the project. 

The band, made up of 15 musicians from all around the world, have also stated that if you donate $150 they will reward you with their ‘complete discography on CD and vinyl (including an autographed copy of the new album), Akoya concert tickets, a classy Akoya t-shirt and a special thanks in the album liner notes.‘ The more you pledge to the projects is the more you get back, with some of the highest rewards being a private show and being named executive producer in the album notes.

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