Darbar Festival 2012

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It’s a mere three months before the start of the Southbank Centre’s Darbar Festival. Starting September 27, Darbar is a four-day festival full of the biggest stars in Indian classical music from both  Hindustani and Carnatic traditions. 

Darbar.org is an online resource for Indian arts, music and culture. Founded in 2006, the Darbar Festival is the organisation’s premiere event and is the largest of its kind outside of India. This year the festival is due to be as big a hit as ever with an impressive line up.



Here are some of the 2012 highlights. 

Thursday September 27
Double bill: Pulsating surshingar and violin maestros 

Friday September 28
Romantic music of varanasi
Double bill: Rare ragas and dhrupad

Saturday September 29
Tribute to Ustad Vilayat Khan (1928-2004)
Double bill: Saraswati veena to Hindustani groove

Sunday September 30
Majestic morning ragas on the sitar
Double bill: Carnatic rhythms to sublime khayal

For more information or to book your tickets, please visit the Darbar Festival website.

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