Sound Check: Music of Contemporary India

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The Indian Ministry of External Affairs have been producing documentaries that explore India’s culture and art, some of which can be viewed on their YouTube channel. The latest documentary focuses on the music of contemporary India and looks at how the musicians of India are mixing different influences to create new, genre transcending music.

The 47-minute documentary, Sound Check: Music of Contemporary India, features artists including The Raghu Dixit Project, Indian Ocean, Swarathma and Advaita, amongst many others. The artists talk about their work, the development of their songwriting and why they believe that developing a more modern sound for folk music is essential at this moment in time.

In an interview with NH7, the film’s director Neela Venkaraman said, ‘The film was commissioned by the Ministry Of External Affairs and was actually supposed to be a 26-minute documentary. We started shooting last year and it took about 11 months to complete the film. The idea of the film evolved from what Indian music was at one point of time, non-Bollywood music consisted mostly of cover bands and ‘Indipop’ artists and suddenly in the last few years there has been a huge evolution that created this uniquely Indian sound.

The full documentary is available to watch on YouTube

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