Egyptian mobile phone network commissions music video featuring traditional artists

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Mobinil, one of Egypt’s largest mobile phone networks, recently released a music video featuring a range of traditional and contemporary Egyptian musicians. 

Mobinil, whose mission statement says  ‘we have been committed to the principle of impartiality without taking positions in politics or religion, but actively participate in serving and developing the community, while preserving its values’, often releases a new jingle or song during Ramadan. The year’s video translates as ‘Always we are together’ and was produced by Hatem Amin. The chorus roughly translates to ‘It is important to always be together. We are all carried by the same land. For tomorrow is waiting and tomorrow doesn’t want to divide us’ and it is a patriotic plea for national unity while the country transitions from military rule. 

The song features some Songlines favourites including El Tanbura, the band that defiantly took to Tahrir Square during the Arab Spring, and Bedouin Jerry Can Band, the nomadic desert blues musicians from the Sinai. Other featured musicians include Yasser Nour, Iman Radwan, Hassn El Soghayar, Jehan El Maghawry, Asfalt, Hany El Saaeidy and Oka w Ortiga. The musicians represent various Egyptian regions (Upper Egypt, Aswan, Cairo and Port Said) and communities. 

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