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With summer on its last legs and autumn poking its head ‘round the door, wouldn’t it be great to get back to the sun?

Songlines Music Travel is once again leading trips to the Caribbean this winter – Cuba from December 29 and Jamaica from January 2. But these aren’t the usual beach bum trips. 

With each tour being lead by experts in the country’s music, both are brilliant opportunities to fully immerse yourself in the culture and music that defines the islands. The trips are based around two festivals – Jamaica’s Maroon festival and Cuba’s National Day.  The Maroon festival is held annually by the Maroons, decedents of runaway slaves who gained autonomy 223 years before the country as a whole gained independence. In Cuba, the trip revolves around New Year’s Day, when Havana turns into a have of party activity, with a brilliant mix of son, salsa, hip-hop and reggaeton everywhere.

To find more information about the trips and to book your place, see our travel pages here for Cuba (December 29-13) and here for Jamaica (January 2-13).

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