Destination WOMEX 2012

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The new issue has been dispatched, the meeting schedules all fixed and business cards at the ready – tomorrow we head to Thessaloniki for the annual world music gathering, WOMEX. Definitely looking forward to a new location – one that is, with a bit of luck warmer, sunnier and cheaper than Copenhagen!

Here are just half a dozen of the music showcases I’m particularly looking forward to:

  • Anibal Velasquez y su Conjunto – classic Colombian tunes from an accordion maestro and his band
  • Félix Lajkó – thrilling violin playing from the Hungarian-Serbian who was a Top of the World artist in the current issue
  • Sam Lee – the UK has gone a bit Sam Lee crazy of late, what with his Mercury Prize nomination. Will be interesting to see how the international delegates react to his quirky take on English folk
  • Lindigo – a maloya powerhouse from La Réunion. They were a real hit when I saw them perform at Sakifo Festival in 2011 so really keen to see them again
  • DakhaBrakha – the Ukrainian quartet’s performance with Finnish accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen at WOMAD this summer was the talk of the festival – and I missed them! Won’t make that mistake again
  • Mokoomba – good to see a young band from Zimbabwe making an appearance. If their live show is anywhere near as good as their debut album, then their showcase is bound to be a cracker

Plus, as usual at WOMEX, can’t wait to discover a whole lot of new artists I’ve never come across before.

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