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In the forthcoming issue of Songlines (Jan/Feb 2013, #89) world cinema editor Ed Stocker delivers his verdict on the five best films of the year in his pick of 2012. 

If you missed the announcement yesterday, find out what made our Best Albums of 2012 list here.



Nostalgia for the Light – New Wave 

‘Educational, gripping and highly original, this was a deserved winner of the European Film Academy’s documentary of the year.’ Reviewed in issue #85.

The Artist – Entertainment 
‘This is without doubt one of the cleverest cinematic ideas for a long time.’ Reviewed in issue #85.

Polisse – Artificial Eye 
Polisse is a gripping, disturbing ride – French cinema at its very best.’ Reviewed in issue #87.

Carancho – Axiom
‘The film is pulled off with humour and first-rate acting from two of Argentina’s actors at the top of their game.’ Reviewed in issue #82.

Tuesday After Christmas – Second Run DVD
‘A captivating, highly competent and ultimately very sad film.’ Reviewed in issue #84.

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