Boddhi Satva releases new video featuring Oumou Sangaré

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Acclaimed Malian singer joins Boddhi Satva to record ‘Ngnari Konon’ in Bamako 

‘Ngnari Konon’ is the new single from Boddhi Satva’s debut album Invocation, featuring Grammy award winning singer Oumou Sangaré and produced by Louie Vega.

Originally from the Central African Republic, Boddhi Satva began recording Invocation in Bamako in September 2012, at a time when rebel forces had already occupied much of Mali’s Northern territory. On Mali and its rich musical heritage, Boddhi remarked:

‘Mali remains an amazing country and we shall not allow fear to dictate the way look at it. In the 13th century or today, it remains unique. I feel blessed to have been receiving so much from the Malian people. Mali lives!’

Watch the new video for ‘Ngnari Konon’ below

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