La Bamba: The Afro-Mexican Story

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Afropop Worldwide explores the little-known African side of Mexico’s music

Recognised for its Spanish and indigenous heritage, Mexico is not really known for its ‘third root’ or African heritage. Producer and music journalist Marlon Bishop explores the culture and traditions of Afro-Mexico in a new project for Afropop Worldwide.

Arriving with the Spanish as soldiers and slaves, the African community expanded across Mexico and is still prevalent today. A road-trip across the country introduces Bishop and co-presenter Georges Collinet to the sounds and stories of these little documented Afro-Mexican communities.

From Veracruz (where the Afro-Mexican son jarocho sound was made famous by the 1958 hit cover of ‘La Bamba’) to the Afro-Cuban beats of Mexico City and the Costa Chica of Guerrero (where Afro-Mexican communities fight for government recognition to protect their diminishing musical traditions) this hour long radio documentary brings to light a rich and vibrant culture which has too long been silenced.

The project also features accompanying articles and a series of short video documentaries. Hear the full documentary below:

 The first video in the series: Keepers of the Chilena

 Afro-Mexico Road Trip blog posts can be found here:

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