Jupiter & Okwess international debut album released on May 20

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Hotel Univers set for release on May 20

Straight from the heart of Kinshasa, Jupiter & Okwess International are set to release their long awaited international debut album Hotel Univers on Out Here Records. 

Band leader Jupiter Bokondji, who refers himself to be the ‘rebel general’ of Congolese music, is the charismatic and outstanding representative of the innovative scene of street musicians in Kinshasa. This scene became internationally well-known through the success of Staff Benda Bilili, a band who they share close ties with and have sadly since split up. 

After an extensive tour around Africa, Jupiter & Okwess International will be on tour in Europe from May, which includes a performance at Glastonbury (June 28) and at the Olympic Park in London (July 28).


01  Bapasi
02  Margerita Listen Here
03  Bakwapanu  
04  Evala Interlude  
05  The World Is My Land (Deutschland)  
06  Yaka feat. Bebson de la rue  
07  Mwana Yokatoli  
08  Congo  
09  Tshanga Tshungu feat. Evala Vala  
10  Nelly Interlude  
11  Solobombe  
12  Djwende Talelaka  

A ‘Making Of’ video:

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