Keziah Jones releases new video and album details

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Nigerian musician Keziah Jones will release his sixth studio album, the conceptual and politically-orientated Captain Rugged, on January 20 on Because.

Five years after his last release Nigerian Wood, Jones returns as an alter ego in the form of a Nigerian superhero born and raised amidst the grit and hustle of Lagos city, Captain Rugged. Accompanied by a graphic novel, Jones embodies the spirit of Fela as a modern day superhero of urban Africa.

On the state of current African culture, Jones explained:

What I want to show the world is the modernity of post-colonial Africa, far from the image that the Western world carries of a continent devastated by famine and/or war. I’m talking about young urban Africa: 20 million people live in Lagos! Modern contemporary African culture is a reality. Today, African culture has proven its vivacity and is nourished by the diaspora.

Captain Rugged will be released on January 20. Watch the new video for the single ‘Lagos’ below.

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