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SL99PodcastImageThis podcast includes highlights from the April/May 2014 issue of Songlines (#99), opening with music from the new album by Julie Fowlis, our cover artist this issue. Songlines editor-in-chief, Simon Broughton, plays a track by Osvaldo Pugliese, a bonus track chosen by Richard Alston as part of his playlist this issue.

There is also music from the bonus CD accompanying this issue – Førde Traditional and World Music Festival sampler celebrating their 25th anniversary.

Features: Jo Frost on Julie Fowlis, Nasim Masoud announces the nominees for the Songlines Music Awards 2014 and Max Reinhardt on Maurice El Medioni. Nathaniel Handy brings you the latest news with music by Aidan O’Rourke and more. The podcast ends with a track by new band Ibibio Sound Machine followed by music from She’Koyokh’s new album.

The next Songlines podcast, featuring highlights from the June 2014 issue (our special 100th edition), will be available from April 25 2014.

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