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Spoek Mathambo releases the trailer for his documentary on electronic music in South Africa, The Future Sound of Mzansi, after two years of research and exploration with film-maker Lebogang Rasethaba. 

“Our mission was simple – to meet up with some of our heroes, colleagues, competition, and co-conspirators… an ever potent gang of electronic music pioneers sculpting The Future Sound of Mzansi.” This is what Spoek Mathambo had in the trailer for his upcoming documentary, two years in the making with Lebogang Rasethaba, on South Africa’s electronic music scene.

In fact, it is a little more complicated than Spoek makes out. A description accompanying the trailer, released last week ahead of the promotional cut screening at Sonar, Barcelona, explains why this is more than a look at the music scene. The documentary ‘aims to explore, express, and interrogating [sic] South Africa’s cultural landscape… 20 years into its democracy.’ The documentary looks at music as a medium through which a country steeped in poverty, crime, and injustice can envision a future ‘blindingly beautiful and bursting at the seams with youth energy and talent.

Mujave, Black Coffee and Christian Tiger School will feature along with various other electronic artists from across Mzansi (the colloquial Xhosa term for South Africa), as Spoek and Rasethaba explore everything from deep house to glitch hop, kwaito-house, township tech, sghubu sapitori (yes, really!) to dubstep; super khawuleza and shangaan electro. As an advertisement for the film puts it: ‘Welcome to the apartheid after-party.

Listen to The Future Sound of Mzansi Mixtape by Spoek


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