Live Review | Fat Freddy’s Drop at Alexandra Palace, October 18

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Words by Jon Lusk. Photography by Shanon Moratti Photography.

This was a solid, lengthy and enjoyable show, though it could hardly be described as one where Fat Freddy’s Drop really pushed the envelope, as they often do. There were no significantly novel developments or any new material, but they do sound very comfortable/happy together and know how to make their audience feel the same.

The cavernous but generous acoustics of Alexandra Palace suited the band down to the ground as they loped through the pulsing grooves of the likes of ‘Soldier’.

More than a year after the release of the Kiwi band’s Blackbird album, the songs sound thoroughly road-tested as opposed to road-worn. Their older material from Based on a True Story and Dr Boondigga and the Big BW still has plenty of mileage in it as the musicians work around each other, finding new spaces for improvisation. It’s still exciting when three plumes of stage smoke erupt as ‘Shiverman’ starts to bound and bounce after a masterfully restrained ten or 12-minute intro. They’re still Fat (phat), they’re still called Freddy, and they’re still ‘motivated by the sea.’ Long may that continue. Until next time, as Joe Dukie says in Maori, “ka kite ano, guys.”


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