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Words by Mike Fleck

TOTW-FOFOULAH-COVERPlayful genre-mashing that doesn’t foulah round

With solid roots in West African sabar drumming, Fofoulah blend multiple genres to create a complex fusion of modern pop, jazz, rock, electro, hip-hop, prog and dub. The multicultural surroundings of their hometown of London have clearly had a big effect on the group’s overall sound. This celebratory eclecticism is also apparent in their collaborations, with the likes of UK hip-hop artist Ghostpoet offering up relaxed rhymes on the transcendent ‘Don’t Let Your Mind Unravel, Safe Travels’ while the French Algerian singer Iness Mezel shows off her gorgeous vocal talents on the hypnotic ‘Blest’.

Despite the bands experimentation with different genres there is a deep sense of tradition among the tinkering, especially within the guitar sounds and percussion styles. It’s a promising debut from an exciting and talented group of musicians.

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