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Words by Martin Sinnock

TOTW-RICARDO-LEMVO-COVER It’s groovy Congolese salsa business as usual for Lemmy

This is the sixth album (excluding a retrospective compilation) of Ricardo Lemvo’s Afro-Cuban music – a blend of salsa with a distinct Congolese flavour. His music is an attractive cocktail that has proved to be popular with Latin music fans and lovers of modern African music alike. His voice is always comfortable and finely polished; and his band always perform with absolute confidence.

Ricardo Lemvo and his Makina Loca band are based in Los Angeles, and this recording was made partly there and in Canada, France and Angola. He originates from the northern part of Angola and three of the tracks here are collaborative compositions with local musicians. Angola’s semba and kizomba rhythms are now integral to Lemvo’s musical repertoire, as are his vocals in Portuguese and several local languages. La Rumba SoYo is a highly impressive addition to the Ricardo Lemvo catalogue. And for long-term fans there is the reassurance that the spectacular Congolese guitar of Huit Kilos is prominent throughout the album.

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