The Inner Vision Orchestra film trailer

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Filmmaker Marie-Cécile Embleton follows the unique global orchestra, Inner Vision, in an intimate portrait of the ensemble. 

The Inner Vision Orchestra is made up of musicians who span ages 34 to 90 and hail from countries from Lebanon to India, Japan to Iran. What sets them apart is that they are all blind. Led by sitarist Baluji Shrivastav (pictured), the orchestra aim to promote blind and visually impaired musicians, offering them confidence through the experience of workshops and performances.

Following a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, filmmaker Marie-Cécile Embleton will follow them in rehearsals and on tour to create a film called, The Colours of Sound, an intimate portrait of this unique collective. The film will follow bandleader Shrivastav and fellow musicians including Nigerian opera singer Victoria Oruwari, Lebanese oud player Ziad Sinno, Iranian singer Fereshteh Khosroujerdy, Indian tabla player Baldev Singh and Japanese viola player Takashi Kikuchi among others.


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