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The Dead Lands, Phoenix, Timbuktu are all reviewed in the current issue.

We’ve collected trailers from all the film reviews in the current issue (June #108), written by our world cinema editor, Yoram Allon.

In Cinemas

The Dead Lands
Dir: Toa Fraser; UK release May 29 (Soda Pictures)
Though the narrative feels a little ‘by the numbers’, what remains captivating throughout is the effective performances, stunning scenery and sheer pleasure of witnessing a genre film spoken in Maori.


Dir: Abderrahmane Sissako; UK release May 22 (Artificial Eye)
It is very rare for a feature film to capture so eloquently the contours of a devastatingly sad political situation. Read more about Tumbuktu.


Dir: Christian Petzold; UK release May 8 (Soda Pictures)
The quantity and quality of Holocaust-related films has increased in recent years, with narratives continuing to focus on identity crises and survivor trauma. These issues are played out in full in Petzold’s immaculately performed new film.

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