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Jah Wobble

Former Public Image Ltd bassist Jah Wobble, aka John Wardle, is predictably outspoken when he talks to Alexandra Petropoulos about how he first discovered world music and his frustrations ith the music scene 

Bassist John Wardle is better known by the name once drunkenly bestowed upon him by Sid Vicious, and is most famous for his time with the post punk group Public Image Ltd (PiL), which he started with Johnny Rotten after The Sex Pistols broke up in 1978. Both Lydon and Wardle shared broad musical tastes with an avid interest in reggae and world music, and this helped inform what would become regarded as some of the most innovative post punk music of the time.

Wardle’s openness to new and different sounds is well-known and is in fact superbly illustrated in his recently released box set, Redux. Across six CDs, the anthology covers his nearly 40 years of music, featuring everything from his time with PiL to his world beat days, with some spoken word thrown in for good measure. And it’s his interest in world music that has me call him up for a chat.

One of the tracks Jah Wobble selected for his playlist was Alacran’s ‘Reflejo de Luna’. To read the full interview and find out the other tracks Jah Wobble chose, pick up a copy of the latest issue.

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