BBC Radio 3 asks, why music?

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BBC Radio 3 Why Music?

BBC Radio 3 will broadcast live from the Wellcome Collection in London for the first time as they investigate the power of music in a series called Why Music?

Kicking off this evening at 6:30pm, with author Philip Ball asking why music is such a universal trait, BBC Radio 3 will spend the weekend exploring the power of music through a fascinating series of programmes, including several live broadcasts from the Wellcome Collection in London. Throughout the weekend, presenters and guests will ask how music can hold such sway on us, how it can affect wellbeing, language and memories.

Highlights of the weekend will include Songlines editor-in-chief Simon Broughton together with folk singer Sam Lee and presenter Mary Ann Kennedy who will discuss about how music is common to every society on the planet on World on 3 tonight at 9:30pm. Tomorrow at 4:00pm, actors Tamsin Greig and Alex Jennings read passages on the power of music – everything from Shakespeare to Nick Hornby. And then on Sunday, Songlines contributor and BBC presenter Andrew McGregor will analyse his own brain scan to see how he responds to music in a live broadcast from the Wellcome Collection at 10:30am, and at 4:00pm composer and wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson will demonstrate the connections between the sounds of the natural world and music.

With countless other programme happening across the weekend, check out the BBC Radio website for details of all the programmes that dare to ask, Why Music?


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