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Haymanot Tesfa wins World Music Network’s Battle of the Bands with her song ‘Tezeta’

Artist Haymanot Tesfa, based in the UK, sings in Amharic from Ethiopia. A singer who also engages in painting and photography, Tesfa’s music consists of multiple layers of exotic instrumentation that provide an enthralling backdrop to her powerful voice.

The winning track, ‘Tezeta’, showcases a captivating vocal performance from Tesfa, whose voice weaves within the Middle Eastern and East African sonic landscape provided by musical virtuosos Mina Salama and Arian Sadr.  ‘I like to be free!’ Tesfa says. ‘When I sing these songs I always sing them differently depending on what I get from the musicians I play with and the atmosphere… I want to give my audiences the new me always. What makes me happy is that I know that I gave them something they can take with them. People tell me that my singing is therapeutic for them and they thank me for singing, but the truth is that I am also happy while I’m singing.

Taken from a shortlist voted for by the world music community, Haymanot Tesfa was awarded the top spot by a panel of judges from Songlines, World Music Network, BBC and independent radio.

Listen to the track on World Music Network.

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