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Songlines becomes the first world music magazine to be an official playlist curator on Apple Music 

We are thrilled to announce that Songlines has officially teamed up with Apple Music’s streaming service to create bespoke playlists for you – fans of music from around the world. As the leading magazine for world music, Songlines’ expert, specialist contributors will be fashioning the finest playlists, highlighting some of the world’s best music whether it be traditional, folk, contemporary or fusion – classic tracks and hidden gems.

With more than 13 million paid subscribers, Apple Music’s playlists have been a wonderful addition to the world of music streaming, offering a fabulous roster of curators including other magazines like Jazzwise, Pitchfork, NME, Vogue and Rolling Stone.

We’ve launched our Apple Music page with the following line-up of playlists:


WOMAD Charlton Park always provides a fantastic weekend of music from around the world and this year is quickly shaping up to be their best yet. From well-loved, veteran acts like Baaba Maal and Anoushka Shankar to newer names on the scene, like quirky Bosnian band Dubioza Kolektiv or the very hip Ghanaian pop singer Wiyaala, there will be plenty to satisfy every musical palette. Playlist by deputy editor Alexandra Petropoulos.

Balkan brass

Balkan brass describes a genre that has developed across the southern Balkan nations of Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania. In these nations brass bands, often featuring Roma musicians, play at weddings, parties, funerals and festivals, their music ranging from mournful to storming party ravers. Romanian village band Fanfare Ciocarlia’s dynamic live shows, high speed playing and imaginative cover versions has won them audiences from Moscow to Vancouver. Boban Markovic is a Serbian Roma trumpeter who is widely considered the greatest Balkan brass musician. Ekrem is a Roma trumpet player from Southern Serbia and his brass band play a gentler, more jazz influenced music. Kocani Orkestar hail from Macedonia and are highly respected across Europe. Playlist by Garth Cartwright for Songlines.

Best of summer festivals 2016

It’s just not summer in the UK until you’ve spent a weekend dragging yourself through the mud to see the undeniable wealth of bands at one of the hundreds of festivals. This year there are homegrown acts and bands from sunnier climes who will be sure to rock their respective stages, rain or shine. Here are a selection of some of the best acts to keep your eyes on this summer, playing at Larmer Tree Festival, WOMAD Charlton Park, Cambridge Folk Festival or Shambala Festival. Playlist by deputy editor Alexandra Petropoulos

Hip-hop across the Americas

Since its humble beginnings in downtown New York, hip-hop has become one of the United States’ biggest cultural exports. The music has brought forth innumerable scenes and provided a voice to the politically disenfranchised across the globe. It bears particular significance across Latin America owing to a geographical proximity that has seen a body of work emerge holding hip-hop at its core whilst possessing an expansive range of regional influences. This fervent musical dialogue is documented here, with appearances from both US artists who possess Latin American ancestry and tracks from the most vibrant local scenes south of Tijuana. Playlist for  by Alex de Lacey for Songlines.

Quintessential kora

The rippling strings of the kora define the sound of West Africa. But the instrument is also hugely versatile as this playlist shows, whether played solo by the virtuosic Toumani Diabaté, duetting with the Welsh harp of Catrin Finch, the cello of Vincent Ségal or the trombone of Roswell Rudd, underpinning the Afro-pop fusions of Ba Cissoko and Toumani’s son Sidiki Diabaté, or creating exotic textures for western rock stars such as Björk. Playlist by Nigel Williamson for Songlines.

Songlines Music Awards 2016

Featuring nominated artists in the seven categories in the Songlines Music Awards 2016: Best Artist, Best Group, Africa & Middle East, Americas, Asia & South Pacific, Europe and Fusion.

Totally Tropicália

In 1967 a group of Brazilian musicians dared to go against the status quo. At that time Brazil was very protective of its music, samba and bossa nova had to remain pure, to stay clear of Western influences. But, with the influence of The Beatles, Rolling Stones and US soul music getting greater in Brazil, something had to give. The tropicália movement showed that it’s possible to integrate foreign pop, rock and soul music into Brazilian music, without it losing its soul. They showed that avant-garde and kitsch ideas can be included in the same song, and that Brazilian music can be as radical as any music being made anywhere in the world. Playlist by Russ Slater for Songlines.

We will be producing new playlists regularly, exploring all of the world’s sounds, so be sure to check back often and follow Songlines on Apple Music.

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