New Apple Music playlist: Fiddle Fury

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The fiddle is at the core of many musical traditions across the world, but nowhere more so than in music from the north, and Nordic and Celtic cultures particularly. For centuries, the fiddle has led the dance (a jig in Scotland, a polka in Sweden, a hornpipe in England), bringing people together and putting fire in their bellies on a cold winter’s night. This set of instrumental tunes ranges from Finland to Canada, with a special focus on the hard-driving music of the Shetland Islands, where the fiddle rules the roost and the very culture itself is part Celtic, part Scandinavian. Whirl around your living room to these glorious tunes. Playlist by Tim Woodall for Songlines. (Photo of The Nodic Fiddlers Bloc by Ingrid Eide/Thornbjorn Liell):

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