Transcending boundaries: Iranian and Israeli collaboration

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Music can transcend boundaries – even political ones, as proved by Iranian singer Golazin and Israeli pianist Idan Raichel

Music is powerful, as we explore in our special issue this month. It can provide courage, give voice to those who otherwise may not be heard, and serve as a poignant celebration of culture. It has the power to transcend physical, social and cultural boundaries, as evident in the story of a collaboration between Israeli pianist and songwriter Idan Raichel and Iranian singer Golazin.

Given the strained political relationship between Iran and Israel, Golazin’s request to cover Raichel’s ‘Sabe Deus’ with lyrics in Farsi was an intriguing one. Raichel originally recorded the song with Portuguese singer Ana Moura for the album Quarter to Six, with lyrics in Hebrew and Portuguese. Watch Golazin’s powerful cover and accompanying video here:

Golazin, who came to London in 2006 to pursue her singing career, says she aimed to portray a ‘journey of love’ through the song, from darkness and hatred, to freedom and happiness. Since the cover’s release, Raichel has invited Golazin to join him on stage at his London performances.

This story provides a clear example of music transcending barriers and bringing people together towards one goal – to create art. What promises to be a touching and symbolically significant performance will take place on February 26 and 27 at 229 The Venue, London.

Listen to Idan Raichel and Ana Moura’s original version here:


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