New single from Dona Onete – Video Exclusive

Dona /></a></p><p> </p><p><strong>The grand dame of Amazonian song has still got it – and she’s back with a new single.</strong></p><p>Dona Onete, the saucy 79 year old Brazilian singer who only turned to singing at the age of 73, opens a fresh chapter in new Brazilian music with ‘No Meio Do Pitiú (In The Middle of The Pitiú)’ on Mais Um Discos. Referring to the pungent water which floods the fish markets as the ice which cools the fish defrosts, her native Indian and African heritage shines through on this playful song, released on March 24.</p><p> </p><p>Dona Onete’s ‘Carimbó Chamegado’ from <i>Feiti</i><i>ç</i><i>o Caboclo </i>was a <i>Songlines</i> Top of the World in #104, with the album receiving a five-star review.</p></div><p class=Posted in Recent posts | Comments Off