Song of Contagion: Music and Science Unite

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From June 13-17, Wilton’s Music Hall will be taken over by an alliance between music and science in Song of Contagion

East London’s Grand Union Orchestra are set to unite music and science in a brand new project this June. A week of events taking place in Wilton’s Music Hall, London will explore the relationship between the two disciplines, featuring some of the UK’s best musicians and singers with origins from across the globe.

The grand centrepiece of this unique programme will be Song of Contagion, a new creation by the orchestra. Thought-provoking and globally relevant, the piece questions why some diseases are covered extensively in the media, attracting billions in funding, while others are left to languish, largely unnoticed and unaided. Through a musical narrative, and using data compiled by epidemiologist Elizabeth Pisani, the comparison between where money is spent and where disease is rife is explored. 

Audiences will journey with the orchestra to Central Africa where dengue fever has been claiming lives for years, to the Caribbean, where the disease has found an additional home, and to Brazil, where headlines of Zika came as often as Olympic medals from Rio. This is set to be a fascinating performance.

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Image courtesy of Grand Union Orchestra.

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