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World Music Network’s Battle of the Bands Winner announced

Posted on July 11th, 2014 in News, Recent posts by .


Malian singer Naba TT is the winner of the latest World Music Network Battle of the Bands with ‘Talibé’ from her debut album Dounia

After six years as a backing singer for her elder sister Rokia Traoré, Nabba TT has steadily been carving out a place on the world music stage as a talented vocalist in her own right, culminating in the release of her debut album, Dounia. Unsurprisingly given her background as co-founder of the artist-activist group Les Sofas de la République, Naba’s winning track ‘Talibé’ is part social commentary – named after the Malian children sent to receive an Islamic education from marabouts, who often force them to beg or work instead – as well as a song of maternal love. She might well be working from a foundation laid by her elder sister, but Naba brings her own style and message to the non-griot music Rokia pioneered.

From a shortlist taken from world music fans’ most popular artists, Naba was awarded the top spot by a panel of judges, with Helsinki Cotonou Ensemble and Griselda Sanderson as runners-up.

Find out more Naba TT and listen to her winning track.


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Babar Luck Wins World Music Network’s Battle of the Bands

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Babar Luck has won the latest World Music Network Battle of the Bands with his track ‘When Two Worlds Collide’. Moving beyond both lyrical and stylistic borders, his impressive performance earned him the majority vote.

Based in London, Barbar Luck takes his audience on a musical journey aimed at peace and unity. This is nicely summed up with his catch phrase: ‘Music for all peoples? Yes, indeed.’ Luck draws his influences from artists like Salif Keita, Ali Farka Touré, BB King, Mohammed Rafi and Skinnyman. As well as being a notable solo artist, Babar Luck is as also the frontman of his band Babar Luck World Citizen Folk Band.

Voted for by WMN’s fans, Babar Luck topped the list with ‘Two Worlds Collide’. This song will appear on a forthcoming project with World Music Network. Listen to the winning track below.

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Daramad wins World Music Network’s Battle of the Bands

Posted on October 23rd, 2013 in Recent posts by .


World Music Network announce Persian-jazz group from Australia as the latest winner in their Battle of the Bands

Daramad won the latest World Music Network Battle of the Bands with their track ‘Isfahan’. A rich blend of improvisatory world-fusion, the Australian group combine Persian instruments such as the baglamatambak, and daf with double bass and saxophones, and mixed percussion.

In the Persian classical tradition ‘daramad’ refers to the process of beginning, appearing or emerging. The group evolved through a series of improvised concerts at the KULCHA Multicultural Arts of Western Australia. Performing original songs as well as arrangements of classic Persian repertoire, the group describe their sound as ‘akin to a Persian carpet of vibrant tonal colours and subtly evolving motifs.

Voted for by WMN’s fans, Daramad topped the list with ‘Isfahan’. This song will appear on a forthcoming project with World Music Network. You can listen to the track below.

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Two winners in latest World Music Network Battle of the Bands

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Big Mimma & Annane Sy Cissé share the accolade

In an unusual turn of events, our good friends at World Music Network have picked two winners to the share the latest Battle of the Bands title. With a host of submitted entries rife with musical talent, WMN had little choice but to split the prize this time around between two very different artists.

Big Mimma hail from Sicily, on the Strait of Messina. Their sound is a crazy mix of rock, reggae, ska, pop, african and etno music, and they use the Sicilian dialect to sing stories, rhymes and tongue-twisters, whether rooted in reality plucked from the imagination. Big Mimma have never thought of themselves as a folk group, nor as a Sicilian roots band; on the contrary, their goal is a musical syncretism typical of Sicilian culture, incorporating modern styles to reach a global audience. Their track ‘Pani Mottu’ is taken from the debut album Lu Stampatu.


Annane Sy Cissé is a young musician from Timbuktu in Mali. He started off in music as an engineer and session guitarist for local traditional artists from the north of Mali, self-producing his first album for the Malian market in 2010. When the civil unrest began in January 2012, he went south to Bamako and kept working for many artists in his home studio, whilst developing his new album project with the cream of young Malian musicians – guitarist Dramane Touré, ngoni (lute) player Djimé Sissoko (Samba Touré) and sokou (one-stringed violin) player Zoumana Téréta, with whom he recorded this winning track, ‘Bala’.

Congratulations to both winners!

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