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World Music Festival Chicago: Bonus CD

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This bonus CD is exclusively available with the June (#128) edition of Songlines

WOMADelaide Songlines CD

The World Music Festival Chicago is one of the largest and oldest festivals of its kind in the US, showcasing both traditional and contemporary artists at performing arts centres, clubs, public parks, museums, theatres and other venues throughout Chicago – completely free of charge.

The festival has attracted over 800,000 concert-goers and has presented more than 800 artists and ensembles from over 80 countries since it began in 1999.

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1 Iberi Choir (Georgia) - ‘Khasanbegura’, First (2014)

2. Tcheka (Cape Verde) -‘Strada’, Boka Kafé (2017)

3. Los Hijos de la Montaña (Mexico/North America) - ‘La Bala’, Los Hijos de la Montaña (2015)

4. Beats y Bateria (Cuba) - ‘Baile’, Beats y Bateria (2017)

5. Grand Tapestry (India/California) - ‘Brother’, Grand Tapestry (2016)

6. Mdou Moctar (Niger) - ‘Iblis Amghar’, Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai (2015)

7. Feufollet (Louisiana) - ‘Questions Sans Réponses’, Two Universes (2015)

8. Lúnasa (Ireland) - ‘Ryestraw’, Lá Nua (2010)

9. Betsayda Machado y La Parranda El Clavo (Venezuela) - ‘Sentimiento’, Rural recordings under the mango tree (2016)

10. Vox Sambou (Haiti) - ‘My Rhythm’, The Brasil Session (2016)

11. Underground System (New York) - ‘Bella Ciao’, Bella Ciao (2014)

12. Bitori (Cape Verde) - ‘Bitori Nha Bibinha’, Legend of Funaná, the Forbidden Music of the Cape Verde Islands (2016)


+ World Music Festival Chicago 2017 runs from September 8-24. Find out more:

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The new July Songlines podcast is now available through iTunes

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This podcast includes highlights from the July 2012 issue of Songlines (#85), opening with music by Feufollet as part of our cover feature on Cajun Country music. Songlines editor-in-chief Simon Broughton plays an excerpt by Los Van Van, a bonus track chosen by Roger Lloyd Pack as part of his playlist this issue. 

Features include: Garth Cartwright on Cajun music, Doug DeLoach with his Beginner’s Guide to Alison Krauss & Union Station and Russ Slater talks about the Ondatropica band from Colombia who will be playing at BT River of Music. Nathaniel Handy brings you the latest news with the Official UK World Music Album Chart and more. The podcast ends with music from Vinicio Caposella (Ponderosa).

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes here or subscribe to our podcasts via RSS feed here

The next Songlines podcast, featuring highlights from the August/September issue (#86), will be available from  July 20 2012.

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