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La Chiva Gantiva releases new music video

Posted on May 16th, 2017 in Recent posts by .

In accordance with their usual mischievous style, La Chiva Gantiva are back with a new music video filled with humour, bordering on absurdity.

Loaded with Colombian slang, astronauts, scientist monkeys and mad air hostesses, this video is not short on entertainment!

The music video for ‘El Ritmo Lo Llevo Yo’, filmed in a Belgian airport hangar, was directed by the leader of the group Rafael Espinel in collaboration with his Belgian university partner Nicolas Moins. ‘El Ritmo Lo Llevo Yo’ is the first single from La Chiva Gantiva’s new album, entitled Despegue (Take-Off). Multiple tours across the world over the past few years have inspired the group to create this ‘Western galactic cumbia’, which invites us to ‘open our eyes and to be protagonists of our own lives.’ It announces an intergalactic take-off (despegue), as seen by astronauts from another world. Space-ships at the ready.

La Chiva Gantiva will be touring across the globe this summer, including a visit to the UK in August. For more info:

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New video from La Chiva Gantiva

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Words by Sydney Gore. Photography by Nicolas Moins

La Chiva Gantiva have dropped a new video for ‘Vivo’, the title track of their sophomore album. The three-piece Brussels-based Colombian band specialises in a fusion of rock, Afrobeat and funk.

The video takes viewers to the streets of a dark and hazy realm inhabited by a massive crowd of people that surround the band and trap them with their passionate dancing. It captures the spirit of La Chiva Gantiva’s live energy. Don’t believe it? Watch the video below.

La Chiva Gantiva’s Vivo was a Top of the World in the new issue, April/May 2014 #99.

Vivo is available now via Crammed Discs. Catch La Chiva Gantiva on tour next month in the UK.

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Top of the World: La Chiva Gantiva – Vivo

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Words by Howard Male

cram232_LCG_cover_hiresEthno-punky shoutiness, but with an arty cutting edge

It is no surprise that this band formed around three Colombian percussionists, because nearly every track has at its core a complex rhythmic storm. But the rest of La Chiva Gantiva (two Belgians, a Frenchman and a Vietnamese) prevent things from becoming predictable or generic. One fairly typical song, ‘Me Voy De Mi Cabeza’, kicks off with choppy Afrobeat guitar, playful cumbia call-and-response horns and sparse bass guitar interjections. But then in comes some heavy rock guitar chords and dissonant soloing. Incredibly, the end result is more Clash than chaotic clash of cultures.

It’s not all punk-funk global fusion with shouty choruses. There’s also an experimental arty aesthetic at work here. The unpredictable chord progressions and angular avant-garde arrangement of ‘Loco Como Yo’ is so off-kilter it somehow evokes both Bowie and Beefheart (two artists one doesn’t usually think of as working in a similar terrain). But that’s the beauty of this record; it leaves you searching for accurate comparisons and coming up short – Manu Chao being one often made about the band, but the resemblance is fairly superficial. It’s absurdly early days, but Vivo could be a contender for a place among this year’s best albums.

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Click here to buy the April/May 2014 (#99) issue of Songlines, or download the free Songlines app from iTunes or Google Play.

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