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Introducing Songlines issue #125 (March 2017)

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The March 2017 (#125) issue of Songlines is now on sale!

The special focus of this issue is on the power of music with features investigating how music can be an important and effective tool in political and social activism.


This very special issue includes an interview with folk artists involved in a new project examining the history of protest singing; an examination of the cultural suppression of northern Europe’s Sámi people; a report from the Dhaka Lit Festival where the threat of terrorism looms large; Baba Zula, the band who personify the incredible diversity of Istanbul; a Beginner’s Guide to the desert blues pioneers, Tinariwen; plus the latest CD and world cinema reviews. 


The Top of the World cover CD includes Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band, Renata Rosa, Black String, Erik Aliana & Picket, as well as tracks selected by the naturalist and broadcaster Sir David Attenborough, including Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars, Gurrumul and Bob Roberts.


To find out more about subscribing to Songlines, please visit:

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Live Preview | Forbidden Songs with Moddi

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Norwegian singer-songwriter Moddi brings his interesting collection of reworked banned tracks to London for a special show in support of the Music in Exile Fellowship

Norway’s Pål Moddi Knutsen (better known as Moddi) released his most recent album, Unsongs, this September with an agenda. Moving past simply creating a batch of ear-pleasing songs, Unsongs consists entirely of Moddi’s interpretations of banned tracks from around the world to create awareness of censorship.

The idea for the album was sparked by his cancellation of a concert in Israel and subsequent discovery of Birgitte Grimstad’s, ‘Eli Geva’, which criticised the violence between Lebanon and Israel in 1982. Due to the song’s strong anti-militarist stance, she received death threats and push backs that forced her to abandon her performance of it in Israel.

Moddi became so inspired by the song and its story that he aimed to expose similar unjust censorings of other artists and their politically charged songs. The artists covered range from the well-known punk group Pussy Riot, who were jailed for speaking out against Vladimir Putin’s government in Russia, to Víctor Jara who was arrested, tortured and murdered by the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile.

After a recent, successful European tour, Moddi is set to perform his reworked collection of Forbidden Songs at London’s Hoxton Hall on December 7. The event will serve as a fundraiser for the Index on Censorship, a group dedicated to promoting and protecting free expression throughout the world.

Forbidden Songs at Hoxton Hall
December 7, 7pm

Tickets are available here 

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Now listen to this… Porter, Moddi and Vula Viel

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Songlines Playlist

Our listening playlist returns with five great tracks, old and new, from artists who have recently been on the Songlines radar.

Porter – ‘Huitzil’
Words from editor-in-chief Simon Broughton: “I was just at the EXIB Música in Evora, Portugal where I was shown an extraordinary video of the Mexican band Porter. The song is called ‘Huitzil’ which sounds like it might be Aztec or something, but my Mexican colleague didn’t know anything about the extraordinary costumes or imagery.”


Moddi – ‘Punk Prayer’
From the forthcoming album Unsongs by the Norwegian singer-songwriter Moddi, this is a version of Pussy Riot’s ‘Punk Prayer’ song. Moddi’s album is a collection of songs he’s gathered from around the world from artists who have been censored, exiled, imprisoned and even murdered. Unsongs is released in September and Moddi will be performing at the Oslo World Music Festival in November.


Abraham Brody – ‘Teka Saulė’
Abraham Brody is a young and talented violinist who creates innovative organic compositions based on the music of his Lithuanian ancestors. He is to record his debut album later this year.

Vula Viel – ‘Yes Yaa Yaa’

Taken from the quintet’s debut album, this track highlights everything great about Vula Viel (Good is Good). Led by classically-trained percussionist Bex Burch, the group’s blend of electronica and Ghanaian Dagaare xylophone grooves have impressed audiences around the country. 


Os Apolos – ‘Ilyne’
‘Ilyne’ by Os Apolos is one of the fascinating tracks taken from Analog Africa’s new compilation Space Echo – The Mystery Behind the Cosmic Sound of Cabo Verde Finally Revealed. The new collection is another to add to the record label’s enthusiastic exploration of the music of South America and Africa.

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