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Seminar on ‘War Fear, Empathy and Music’ at SOAS, University of London

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On July 22-23, a fascinating, two-day seminar entitled ‘War, Fear, Empathy and Music’ is set to take place at SOAS, University of London

The MA Music in Development course at SOAS has partnered with Musicians without Borders (MwB), an organisation pioneering the use of music for community-building, healing and reconciliation for groups suffering from the effects of conflict and war. Successful long-term projects have been implemented by the organisations in Kosovo, Palestine, Rwanda, Northern Ireland and many more locations, where musicians and talented young people are trained to work in struggling communities as workshop leaders.

Speakers include MwB founder and director Laura Hassler, who will address the title idea, outlining the core mission of the organisation and questioning how society can hold on to hope in discouraging times; music therapist Chris Nicholson, who will outline the therapeutic aims of the project, and researcher and MwB trainer Marion Haak-Schulenburg, who will discuss how music is applied to situations touched by conflict. Research on projects in Australia and Northern Ireland will also be presented, and the weekend will close with an experimental session on MwB’s community music leadership training.

Participants are also invited to take part in a four-day training course for musicians in practical uses of community music for peacebuilding and social change.

For more information and to register for the seminar, visit the SOAS website.  

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Mali: discover the music

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Today, Mali remains a wellspring of extraordinary music and culture. Here is our essential guide to Malian music, including revealing articles about leading musicians, from Ali Farka Touré to Songhoy Blues and Toumani Diabaté, and videos of exciting live performances. But we begin with an overview of the key artists and albums…



After much deliberation, we are proud to present the top 25 albums to come from Mali, reminding us that there is an endless amount to celebrate in its music.

Read the article: ‘Top 25 Mali albums’



Songhoy Blues won the Newcomer category in the Songlines Music Awards 2016. Hailed last year as ‘Mali’s Next Big Thing’, the young band have continued to ride on a much-deserved wave of success.

Read the article: ‘Songhoy Blues: Songhai Stars’ 



Recorded shortly before his death in 2006, Ali Farka Touré’s Savane took him to new heights of critical acclaim. “Absolutely perfect – a truly great piece of work,” was the judgement of Ry Cooder and it’s impossible to find a single voice raised in disagreement.

Read the article: ‘Ali Farka Touré: a beginner’s guide’



The South African guitarist Derek Gripper is intent on bringing new audiences to Mali’s kora repertoire. Simon Broughton talks to him, on his first visit to the country to meet the instrument’s most famous player.

Read the article: ‘Derek Gripper: kora quest’



Is it possible for any article about Amadou & Mariam not to include the words ‘blind married couple’ in the opening sentence? There, I’ve just gone and done it again. It is an odd kind of badging when we’re talking about musical communication that, after all, engages our ears rather than our eyes. As Mariam puts it, “People know we are blind, but it is our work that counts”.

Read the article: ‘Amadou & Mariam: a beginner’s guide’



The young Touareg band are striking out from under Tinariwen’s shadow and doing their own thing. Andy Morgan reports…

Read the article: ‘Introducing… Imarhan’



Nigel Williamson speaks to the Malian singer about her career, which has been dedicated to offering African women a voice and correcting gender inequalities.

Read the article: ‘Oumou Sangaré: a beginner’s guide’



The kora has become almost synonymous with the music of Mali. Nigel Williamson examines the career of its chief exponent Toumani Diabaté

Read the article: ‘Toumani Diabaté: a beginner’s guide’

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Music in Mali

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Mali has made headlines the last few days after a rebel group stormed the presidential palace on Thursday in a military coup.

With the country that has been a beacon of stability in West Africa plunging into chaos, it’s easy to forget the wealth of music that comes from Mali. While reading up on the latest news, we stumbled across this nice video of Malian music made by film maker and radio presenter Tim Tyson Short. 

This video was recorded at the 2007 Festival sur le Niger (one of our top 25 international festivals in 2012). You can watch more videos by Tim Tyson Short on his Vimeo page


Interested in experiencing Mali’s music for yourself? Check out our Songlines Music Travel trip to Mali.  


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Music and Social Change off to press!

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Whew! Excitingly, our next issue (#82 March 2012), the Music and Social Change special is off to press.

With a historic 2011 having just ended  and a new year, which even in its infancy, is poised to be as powerful, the special issue felt timely.

Last year saw some of the most impressive popular uprisings the world has seen in decades. The so-called ’99%’ made their voices heard throughout the events of 2011, but more and more are catching on as we head deeper into the new year. Youssou N’Dour has garnered support in Senegal as a presidential candidate and most recently Seun Kuti has led protests in Nigeria, urging the government to help support its economically distraught public.

We have been eagerly following the latest news and are delighted to see what an incredible role music has been playing in these revolutions. This next issue, on sale February 3, is going to be a in-depth and up-to-date look into the relationship between music, musicians and social change.

That said, we expect to see music play a part in more uprisings and revolutions, so don’t forget to follow us here on the blog, on Facebook and on Twitter for the latest news as it happens.

Finally, let us know how you feel about music and politics by answering our poll here. Come on, don’t be shy!

Our Music and Social Change issue (#82, March 2012) is on sale February 3.

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