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Introducing Songlines issue #125 (March 2017)

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The March 2017 (#125) issue of Songlines is now on sale!

The special focus of this issue is on the power of music with features investigating how music can be an important and effective tool in political and social activism.


This very special issue includes an interview with folk artists involved in a new project examining the history of protest singing; an examination of the cultural suppression of northern Europe’s Sámi people; a report from the Dhaka Lit Festival where the threat of terrorism looms large; Baba Zula, the band who personify the incredible diversity of Istanbul; a Beginner’s Guide to the desert blues pioneers, Tinariwen; plus the latest CD and world cinema reviews. 


The Top of the World cover CD includes Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band, Renata Rosa, Black String, Erik Aliana & Picket, as well as tracks selected by the naturalist and broadcaster Sir David Attenborough, including Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars, Gurrumul and Bob Roberts.


To find out more about subscribing to Songlines, please visit:

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Concert for the Children of Egypt, Oct 22

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Egyptian musicians perform together to help raise funds for Egyptian children

On Tuesday October 22, Cadogan Hall will host an evening of Egyptian music, which will feature traditional North African music and the world premier of three classical works written by Egyptian musicians since the January 2011 revolution. There will be performances by Nass Makan, a traditional folk ensemble from Cairo; the Egyptian Contemporary Classical Music Ensemble, who will play the newly composed pieces for the first time outside of Egypt; the winner of BBC Cardiff’s 2013 Singer of the World Competition, Gala El Hadid; composer Mohammad Saad Basha, who tried to recreate the feeling of economic pressure felt by Egyptians today; and the self-taught 22-year-old composer, Bahaa Al-Ansary.

Nass Makan, meaning ‘People of Place’, will showcase examples of Egypt’s musical heritage. Their director Ahmed El Maghraby writes: ‘stretching deep into history, Coptic hymns from the heart of ancient Egyptian temples blend with Sufi Islamic song to meld with the sound of the pharaonic arghoul – a reed instrument with exact copies thousands of years old on display in the Egyptian museum – and the trumpet, which entered Egyptian vernacular music decades ago once Egyptians musicians had adjusted it to play Egyptian and Eastern musical modes with which they could translate their deeply felt emotion.’

Proceeds from the concert will go to benefit two non-profit organisations – Alfanar and FACE for Children in Need – who work to empower Egyptian children in some of the poorest neighbourhoods. 

For more details or to book tickets, please visit Cadogan Hall’s website here.

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