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Watch: Bollywood Brass Band feat. Jyotsna Srikanth

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The Bollywood Brass Band started playing Diwali parties, then found themselves doing British Asian weddings and finally concerts. They’ve now gigged all over Europe and even India. After meeting Indian Karnatic violinist Jyotsna Srikanth at the Bradford and Belfast Melas, they decided to begin working together and have just released a new collaborative album, Carnatic Connection. ‘‘No, violin and brass aren’t regular partners,” laughs Srikanth. “They’re more like enemies in fact!” Simon Broughton talks to Srikanth and the Bollywood Brass Band about their collaborative project in the latest issue.

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Persimpatia (In Sympathy)

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Persimpatia Flyer

Music documentary follows the hunt for a very special violin

Persimpatia (In Sympathy), an independent world music documentary, follows the search for four unusual violins, crafted by the late Catalan luthier Richard Margarit. These special violins have at least 16 additional strings – sympathetic strings – which vibrate alongside the violin’s primary strings.

Margarit’s legacy now lives on only through the four remaining violinists who play this instrument; L Subramaniam (India), Paul Giger (Switzerland), Zoltán Lantos (Hungary) and Ernesto Briceño (Venezuela). Persimpatia looks to both celebrate and immortalise this legacy. 

The filmmakers have been using crowdfunding in order to make sure the documentary is seen, and tell this little-known story. You can donate to the project on Verkami.

For more detailed information, a trailer, photos and a playlist, visit Persimpatia’s website

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