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Carbon Offsetting

We’re fortunate that we have contributors scattered across the world who are able to report in situ, but some travel is inevitable in order to cover the stories and often by plane, one of the biggest carbon emitters. As well as offsetting all the paper used for each issue through the Carbon Balance Paper scheme, in partnership with the World Land Trust, we are now offsetting our contributors’ flights with ClimateCare.

Here’s the calculation for this issue:

Songlines, April 2020 #156 Carbon Offsets

 Flight From  To Feature  Carbon produced
 London  Dakar, Senegal  Introducing   1.31 tonnes of CO2
 London  Budapest, Hungary  Live Review   0.46 tonnes of CO2
 London  Oslo, Norway  Live Review   0.38 tonnes of CO2
 London  Beijing, China  Postcard   2.44 tonnes of CO2
 London  Dublin, Ireland  Dispatch   0.14 tonnes of CO2

Total: £35.48 (4.73 tonnes of CO2)


Previous Issues:

Songlines, March 2020 #155 Carbon Offsets

 Flight From  To Feature  Carbon produced
 London  Novi Sad, Serbia  Simon Says   0.53 tonnes of CO2
 London  Sado, Japan  Kodo feature  2.87 tonnes of CO2
 London  Tampere, Finland  Indigenous Languages feature  0.57 tonnes of CO2
 London  Kathmandu, Nepal  Postcard  2.20 tonnes of CO2
 London  Almaty, Kazakhstan  Festival Profile  1.68 tonnes of CO2
 London  Maputo, Mozambique  Dispatch  2.75 tonnes of CO2

Total: £79.50 (10.6 tonnes of CO2)


Songlines, Jan/Feb 2020 #154 Carbon Offsets

 Flight From  To Feature  Carbon produced
 London  Tampere, Finland  WOMEX round-up  0.57 tonnes of CO2
 London  Belo Horizonte, Brazil  Dispatch  2.69 tonnes of CO2
 London  Labrador, Canada  Postcard  1.17 tonnes of CO2
 London  Bratislava, Slovakia  My Instrument  0.41 tonnes of CO2
 London  Carthage, Tunisia  Live Review  0.57 tonnes of CO2
 London  Gliwice, Poland  Live Review  0.43 tonnes of CO2
 London  Oslo, Norway  Live Review  0.38 tonnes of CO2

Total: £46.65 (6.22 tonnes of CO2)

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