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09 August 2018

Rough Guide to Nigeria

Nigeria's best-known cultural exports – juju, Afrobeat and fuji music – barely scratch the surface of the vast and vibrant cultural topography of the nation

09 August 2018

Rough Guide to Ireland

Ireland’s traditional music has some innate and elusive quality whose appeal has spread far beyond its shores

16 August 2018

Rough Guide to Korea

The Korean musical identity can be traced to the fifth century, and has been well documented since the fifteenth century, as Rob Provine and Keith Howard reveal


09 August 2018

Introducing: The Turbans

The Turbans have finally recorded their debut album. Jim Hickson quizzes them about their back story and influences.

09 August 2018

My World: Olivia Harrison

Olivia Harrison, the wife of the late Beatle George Harrison, talks about how George's collaborations with Indian musicians helped shape her own musical tastes

09 August 2018

Introducing: Tuuletar

Simon Broughton speaks to the Finnish quartet who will bring their striking harmonies to the UK as part of the 2018 Songlines Encounters Festival

09 August 2018

3MA: African Chamber Music

The pan-African trio of musicians, 3MA, are clearly relishing their reunion and latest collaboration, as they tell Pierre Cuny in advance of their appearance at the 2018 Songlines Encounters Festival


09 August 2018

Playlist: One World Duets

A Songlines playlist for Apple Music, with range of Western artists coming together with world music's brightest to create an exciting variety of new sounds.

09 August 2018

Playlist: Indian Electronica

A Songlines playlist for Apple Music featuring both emerging talent and established names of the Indian electronica scene.

09 August 2018

Playlist: Musicians in Exile  

A Songlines playlist for Apple Music exploring the music of musicians who left their home countries for one reason or another.


22 August 2018

Bokanté's 'All the Way Home'

Bokanté team up with the Metropole Orkest for a new album due out in late September. 'All the Way Home' is the first single and video.

22 August 2018

Watch: Punch Brothers – ‘Jumbo’

Punch Brothers release a fourth live session video attached to their new album All Ashore. Their song 'Jumbo' is a thinly veiled attack on Donald Trump.



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