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Ian Rankin’s playlist and 10 best new releases

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The Nov/Dec 2014 (#104) issue includes our regular Top of the World CD with ten tracks from the world’s finest new releases. The CD also includes five tracks selected by best-selling novelist Ian Rankin, who discusses his choices with Jo Frost.

The Top of the World CD includes brand new tracks from Tony Allen, Raghu Dixit, Kassé Mady Diabaté, Les Ambassadeurs, and many more.

You can read a snippet of our interview with Ian Rankin on the Guardian website.

Pick up your copy here, at selected UK HMV stores, selected WHSmiths and all good record retailers.


Top of the World

Raghu Dixit – Jag Changa on Wandering Minstrel Records

From the opening bass thud, this is an album that conjures visions of early Led Zeppelin with a twist. Dixit’s great strength is melding two worlds of sound effortlessly and with such joy.

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Aurelio – Lándini on Real World Records

Another excellent album from the Garifuna singer, Lándini is rich in variety with upbeat punta rhythms imbued with a mesmerising sense of melancholy and loss.

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Tony Allen – Film of Life on Jazz Village

Allen has been dubbed as “the finest drummer on the planet” by Brian Eno, and this marks another peak for the Afrobeat drummer. His finest album of the 21st century to date.

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Fofoulah – Fofoulah on Glitterbeat Records

With solid roots in West African sabar drumming, Fofoulah blend multiple genres to create a complex fusion of modern pop, jazz, rock, electro, hip-hop, prog and dub.

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Kathryn Tickell & The Side – Kathryn Tickell & The Side on Resilient Records

Kathryn Tickell offers a mix of musical exuberance and regional rootedness, which endows her music with originality, power and joy.

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Kassé Mady Diabaté – Kiriké on No Format!

Through deceptive simplicity of the instrumentation and the virtuosic complexity of its interplay, Kassé Mady’s album shows him singing with great authority and ripeness. 

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Dona Onete – Fetiço Caboclo on Mais Um Discos

An enchanting album from the 70-something-year-old bundle of energy, this mixes the Brazilian Amazon sound with brass, jangly indie guitars, rap, samba and psychedelia.

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Ewan McLennan – Stories Still Untold on Fellside Recordings

Each of the 13 tracks here, whether pub ballads or great history stories from Scotland and Ireland, adds to the whole picture of an artist whose music truly lives and breathes.

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Les Ambassadeurs – Les Ambassadeurs du Motel de Bamako on Sterns Music

Their eminence may have lasted only a few brief years during their residency at the Motel de Bamako but the band laid the foundations on which popular Malian music is still built to this day.

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Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca – La Rumba SoYo on Cumbancha

A blend of salsa with a distinct Congolese flavour, Lemvo’s music is an attractive cocktail that has proved to be popular with Latin music fans and lovers of modern African music alike.

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Plus Ian Rankin’s playlist

11Kristi Stassinopoulou & Stathis Kalyviotis – ‘Erhomai Ki Esy Koimasai’
From Greekdelia on Riverboat Records

“They used to play in a punk band together. That tickles me – that they started as punks, segued into more traditional music and then decided to bring something modern to it.”

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12BeauSoleil with Michael Doucet – ‘Two-Step de Port Arthur’
From Bamako to Carencro on Compass Records

“I went to New Orleans in the early 90s for the first time and really got into the music. It strips away all the pretensions – it’s there for people to have a good time.”

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13AfroCubism – ‘Mali Cuba’
From AfroCubism on World Circuit

“African music, Cuban music – how’s that going to work? On the surface they seem like two very different traditions, but the wonderful thing is that it shows you that the music of the world is connected.”

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14The Ones Good – ‘Amagorwa Y’ Abagabo’
From Kigali Y’ Izahabu on Dead Oceans

“I heard a news report about this band. You could listen to the music without knowing the back story but it really gives more emotional depth if you know where they come from.”

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15Tinariwen – ‘Emajer’
From Emmaar on Wedge

“When you learn that the band had to flee from a conflict in their homeland and the album was recorded in America without all the members there…. you might think, oh these are nice, catchy tunes, but there’s a real depth behind it.”

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Listen to a bonus track from Ian Rankin’s Playlist by Dub Colossus on this issue’s podcast.

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New issue (Nov/Dec, #104) on sale now!

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Tony Allen & Orlando Julius, Idan Raichel and Kassé Mady Diabaté

The November/December 2014 (#104) edition is on sale in the UK from today. The free exclusive 16-track covermount CD features ten tracks from our latest Top of the World albums and a guest playlist by Inspector Rebus author Ian Rankin.

Featured on the Top of the World CD are new tracks from Kathryn Tickell & The Side and Bangalore singer/songwriter Raghu Dixit, plus a track from Afrobeat pioneer Tony Allen’s critically acclaimed new album Film of Life. We’ve also thrown in a 15-track bonus CD of music from Galicia for your listening pleasure.

This issue also includes…

• Giants of Afrobeat – Nigel Williamson talks to the two under-appreciated pioneers of Afrobeat, Tony Allen and Orlando Julius. Both are celebrating their 50-year career in the autumn with the release of their respective albums, Film of Life and Jaiyede Afro.
• Idan Raichel – Simon Broughton speaks to the prolific collaborator about working with Vieux Farka Touré and what it means to be an Israeli musician.
• Jyotsna Srikanth – The South Indian violinist speaks to Tim Woodall about her mission to highlight her Karnatic heritage and her journey so far.
• Kassé Mady Diabaté  – The Malian jeli or praise singer speaks to Daniel Brown prior to the release of his widley anticipated new album, recorded during a time of continuing uncertainty in his homeland.
• Anna Phoebe – Alexandra Petropolous talks to the violinist who has played with some of prog rock’s greatest about how she’s transformed from head-banging rocker to sophisticated fusionista.

• Beginner’s Guide to Rubén Blades: Chris Moss surveys the extraordinary career of the salsa superstar.
• Festival Pass: Timitar Festival, Agadir, Morocco.
• My World: A playlist and interview with best-selling novelist, Ian Rankin.
• Introducing… Namvula and Shammi Pithia.
• Spotlight on Ami Koita.
• Quick Fire: Jane Harbour, Dave Smith and Baqir Abbas.
• What’s New, including the release of Robert Plant’s new album and the 15th year of the WOMEX awards.
• Cerys Matthews reflects on the power of poetry and music, and delves into the world of Dylan Thomas.
• Reviews of the latest CD, book and world cinema releases.

Buy the new issue here.

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New Issue Preview | November/December #104

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Fela Kuti is synonymous with Afrobeat, but there are two other underappreciated pioneers of the genre. In the new issue, Nigel Williamson speaks to Tony Allen and Orlando Julius, both celebrating 50-year careers this autumn with new albums.

The free exclusive 16-track covermount CD includes ten tracks from our Top of the World albums and a guest playlist by best-selling novelist Ian Rankin. This issue also comes with a bonus sampler CD, featuring 15 fine tunes from Galicia, Spain.

In the new issue, there are also features on the revered Malian jeli (praise singer) Kassé Mady Diabaté; Israeli musician Idan Raichel on working with Vieux Farka Touré; a Beginner’s Guide to salsa superstar Rubén Blades; our Essential 10 Afrobeat albums, plus our extensive CD, book and world cinema review sections.

On sale in the UK from October 10. Click here to purchase your copy now.


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