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Konono No 1 & Batida – Konono No 1 Meets Batida | Album Review | Top of the World

Posted on April 8th, 2016 in Recent posts, Reviews by .


Words by Max Reinhardt

Konono No1 & Batida - Konono No1 Meets Batida Cover

The junkyard Afro-gamelan trance beasts return

It’s 12 years now since Congotronics, the debut album of Konono No 1, but their manic roots energy continues  to hurtle along its unstoppable and seductive trajectory. They remain a game changer for Congolese and African music, a supercharged, overdriven, distortion-powered form of future contemporary garage trance, forged out of stomping Congolese rhythms, customised traditional instruments, used car parts and redundant old electronics. Their gigs and their albums are a joy and their riotous collective minimalism never fails to intrigue and lock you into their zone. And now here comes their encounter with Batida (aka Pedro Coquenão), a Portuguese-Angolan producer-DJ. They sweep us up on an ecstatically rough ride to the far horizon, where rhythmic trance meets kuduro-rinsed electronica.

Batida’s records, up to now, have been filled with thrilling gear changes of rhythm and texture and my fear was that he might interrupt the Konono flow. Far from it. Batida has been absorbed into their funky trance template and he adds to the minimalist tension, so you hear all the micro-rhythmic changes even more clearly. There’s Portuguese rapping and a variety of sampled textures that he brings into the mix too. It’s all grist to Konono’s ever-turning mill. This album is a sonic continuum to get lost in, and it’s already approaching the summit of my albums of the year list.

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Top of the World May 2016: The best new releases

Posted on April 1st, 2016 in Recent posts, Reviews by .

Our selection of the top ten new releases reviewed in the May (#117) issue.

Konono No 1 & Batida
Konono No 1 Meets Batida (Crammed Discs)

Konono No1 & Batida - Konono No1 Meets Batida Cover

Five years since their last album, the innovative Grammy-winning group Konono No 1 are back and are joined by Portuguese-Angolan DJ Batida on this hypnotising collaborative effort.

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Snowboy & The Latin Section
New York Afternoon (Snowboy Records)


With an illustrious discography going back to the late 80s, conguero Mark ‘Snowboy’ Cotgrove and his group release their first album on his eponymous label.

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Astar (Breabach Records)

Breabach - Astar Cover

Scottish group Breabach return with a new album packed full of global musical influences from their travels. A mix of original compositions and covers, Astar exhibits a new, exciting direction.

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La Yegros
Magnetismo (Soundway Records)

La Yegros - Magnetismo Cover

Argentinian nu cumbia singer La Yegros is accompanied by some noteworthy guests on her commanding and rhythmical sophomore album.

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Michael Messer’s Mitra
Call of the Blues (Knife Edge Records)

Michael Messer's Mitra - Call of The Blues Cover

Michael Messer’s Mitra transform Mississippi blues songs with Hindustani sensitivities for a delightful project that was mostly recorded live.

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Kris Drever
If Wishes Were Horses (Reveal Records)


A solo album from Lau’s Kris Drever, this showcases what may be Drever’s best work yet, with insightful lyrics penned against a backdrop of warm instrumentation.

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Veretski Pass with Joel Rubin
Poyln: A Gilgul (Golden Horn Records)


Traditional Polish and Jewish music are brought together and masterfully executed on a memorable album by Veretski Pass and Joel Rubin.

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Group Ekanzam
Every Song Has its End: Sonic Dispatches from Traditional Mali (Glitterbeat)

Every Song Has Its End - Cover

The diverse nature of Malian traditional music is showcased across 12 tracks gathered by Bamako-based producer Paul Richard Chandler.



Lakou Mizik
Wa Di Yo (Cumbancha)


Lakou Mizik’s debut is a passionate tribute to the people and culture of Haiti. Formed in the aftermath of the country’s 2010 earthquake, the collective deliver a project of celebration and hope.

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Full Attack Band
1001 (Full Attack Band)


Argentinian saxophonist Alejandro Toledo leads a new life in a new band, one that showcases a firm strength, fervour and clear experience in their musical arrangements.

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