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Aziza Brahim to release new album in March

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Photo by Dave Stelfox

Aziza Brahim will release a new album on Glitterbeat Records on March 4

The Saharawi singer Aziza Brahim announced that she will be releasing her third album, Abbar el Hamada, this March. The album will arrive two years after her last offering Soutak, which was selected as one of Songlines’ Best Albums of 2014. Recorded in Barcelona over the summer, Abbar el Hamada sees the return of Chris Eckman as producer after his work on her last album, and will continue to spur Brahim’s message of freedom and political defiance.

To mark the announcement, a new song – ‘Calles de Dajla’ – was published on Glitterbeat Records’ SoundCloud; it is available to listen to below.

More information can be found on Brahim’s official website and Glitterbeat Records. And look out for a feature on Aziza Brahim in Songlines in the new year.

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Aziza Brahim to perform at London’s St Pancras Old Church, April 27

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Photography by Ramon Rodriguez

Contemporary sonic poet and talented Saharawi musician, Aziza Brahim, will be performing at London’s St Pancras Old Church on April 27.

Renowned for her sharp political lyrics and skilled tabal playing, Aziza Brahim is very much a contemporary spokesperson for the Saharawi people and their on-going struggle for recognition and justice. Following the release of her critically acclaimed debut album Marbruk in 2012, she has performed at a number of major festivals and venues including WOMAD Cáceres and the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London.

Her new album Soutak, out now, was recorded live in Barcelona last year and is a stripped down acoustic record that allows her soulful vocals to take an expressive and emotional lead. While deeply rooted in the Saharawi musical tradition, Brahim’s music also nods to a number of diverse musical styles and cultures from Spain, Mali and Cuba. Grab a ticket and head to the St Pancras Old Church on April 27 and discover one of West Africa’s most talented musicians.

For more information about the performance click here. Tickets can be purchased here.


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Top of the World: Aziza Brahim – Soutak

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Words by Robin Denselow

Aziza-Brahim---Soutak-coverStruggles in song from Occupied Western Sahara

Aziza Brahim was born in the refugee camps of Algeria, an exile from her homeland in what the Saharawis call Occupied Western Sahara, the region from which they fled when it was invaded by Morocco in 1975. This is a conflict that the outside world seems to have forgotten and so Brahim, like other Saharawi musicians, is using her music to put that right. She no longer lives in the camps, for she managed to leave to study in Cuba and then to settle in Spain, but the struggle of the Saharawi people dominates this album.

The first track, ‘Gdeim Izik’ is an angry song about the protest camp that was set up in the disputed territory but pulled down by the Moroccans. ‘Manos Enemigas’ is another song of defiance, while ‘Lagi’ is a lament for refugees across Africa and the Middle East. The album is produced by Chris Eckman, famous for his work with Mali’s Tamikrest, and while there are desert blues tracks in this rhythmic acoustic set, there are also echoes of flamenco from Brahim’s Spanish musicians, and songs in which her fine, sturdy voice is backed only by hand percussion. Like her people’s cause, Aziza Brahim deserves recognition.

Track to Try: ‘Gdeim Izik’

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