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Newcomer Award

Anandi Bhattacharya
Joys Abound

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The 23-year-old Anandi is the second member of the Bhattacharya family to win a Songlines Music Award; her father, the slide guitar maestro Debashish, was a winner in 2016. We first heard Anandi’s striking singing voice on her father’s 2013 album Beyond the Ragasphere and she now wins the Newcomer Award for her solo debut, Joys Abound. Debashish’s playing features on the record but it’s the impressively rich timbre and rounded tone of Anandi’s classically-trained voice that holds centre stage: our reviewer happily thought that never has an album been so aptly-titled.

Generously, Anandi credits this magazine with playing at least a small part in her musical education. “Songlines was the most interesting magazine in our house as I grew up and introduced me to the music of the world and made me curious about different sounds and styles,” she says. “To have been bestowed with such an honour is really overwhelming. I cannot thank the readers and listeners enough and promise to bring more music to the world to give back all the love that I have received.”


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