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Wednesday, February 9, 2022

The 10 Best New Albums From Around The World (March 2022)

Featuring outstanding new albums from Rokia Koné & Jacknife Lee, Imarhan, Go Dugong and more

Songlines Best New Albums March 2022


Rokia Koné & Jacknife Lee

BAMANAN Real World Records

On the surface of it, Irish-born, US-based stadium rock producer Jacknife Lee seems an improbable choice to helm the debut solo album by Mali’s Rokia Koné. Lee’s credits include U2, REM, The Killers and Taylor Swift’s multi-million selling Red, while Koné first came to our attention with the feminist supergroup Les Amazones d’Afrique, singing alongside the likes of Angélique Kidjo and Kandia Kouyaté. Yet it proves to be an inspired pairing... Nigel Williamson

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Go Dugong

Meridies Hyperjazz Records/La Tempesta Dischi

Go Dugong, aka Milan-based Giulio Fonseca, is an Italian producer, DJ, sonic traveller soul and unrestrained mind, a notable personality in today’s electronic music spectrum. Diving into his Taranto roots, Meridies imaginatively explores southern Italian and Apulian traditional materials. Diverse instruments shape this multihued narrative, such as organs, synths, guitars and makeshift items, the latter producing percussive patterns, alongside tambourine, field recordings, samples, flute, clarinet, zampogna, accordion, jaw harp, tambura and sitar... Ciro De Rosa


Aaron O’Hagan & Luke Ward

From the Devil’s Punchbowl Aaron O’Hagan & Luke Ward

Fresh evidence of a new generation from north of the border adding its own distinctive stamp on Irish traditional music comes in this joyful self-produced debut by County Antrim-born Aaron O’Hagan and Belfast-based Luke Ward. From the Devil’s Punchbowl (the title references a concave limestone quarry on Belfast’s guardian Cave Hill) flies out of the traps with a sizzling set of reels fuelled by O’Hagan’s racing uilleann pipes, Ward’s bouzouki a steady but flexible pacemaker... Michael Quinn

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Khöömei Beat

Changys Baglaash ARC Music

Khöömei Beat are a young Tyvan (also spelt Tuvan) quintet formed in 2017 who have grown up witnessing the acclaim of fellow South Siberian groups like Huun Huur-Tu and Yat-Kha, who over the past 30 years have been promoting Tyvan music, especially khöömei (throat singing). On Changys Baglaash, the familiar traditional instruments like the igil (two-stringed long-neck fiddle) and outstanding khöömei in its five styles, demonstrated expertly by Aikhan Oorzhak on ‘Traditional Tuvan Khöömei’, are joined by electric bass, electric cello and a drum kit on the other nine pieces... Michael Ormiston

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Small Island Big Song

Our Island Small Island Big Song

Wearing their laudable environmental-cultural justice advocacy firmly on their sleeves, in their own small way the Small Island Big Song team champions a save-the-planet agenda. And while perhaps not quite as unique as their award-winning debut, Our Island keeps those politically-aware Austronesian songlines flowing strong... Seth Jordan

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Hartwin Dhoore Trio

Valge Valgus Trad Records

Many Estonian musicians reference nature in their music and that same connection can be felt throughout this subtly moving, yet wordless, collection. Drawing on traditional melodies, yet thoroughly contemporary sounding, this enchanting record can’t help but make you want to visit the country that evidently inspired it... Kevin Bourke

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Aboogi City Slang

All aboard the Touareg camel train once again for Imarhan’s third album Aboogi – and a serene, timeless trip across the desert it is, too. The recent trend among Touareg guitar bands has been for every release to try to rock harder than what has gone before, but here the group led by Iyad Moussa Ben Abderahmane (aka Sadam), dial it down with a semi-acoustic record full of haunting beauty... Nigel Willamson

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Combo Chimbita


These four Colombians who met, and started making music together, in New York, have crafted their own slightly-rock, slightly-psych and more than slightly-spiritual form of Afro-Caribbean music-making since their first release in 2016. Carolina Oliveros’ vocals are central as she transposes bullerengue into new shapes, finding bliss on an ocean of lolloping bass, cymbal splashes and lazy guitar on ‘Oya’, but then revved up to fervour on ‘Babalawo’ as she duels with a Peruvian cumbia guitar lick and sinister synths before the rhythm takes off for a double-time Afro-punk finish... Russ Slater

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Owiny Sigoma Band

The Lost Tapes Brownswood Recordings

Having trawled through leftfield Brazil and captured the cutting edge in Cuba, clubland's favourite diminutive DJ/producer Gilles Peterson has now brought us some unexpected music from Kenya on record label, Brownswood Recordings. A close-knit collective of London-based musicians met up with some local traditional talent to create a Nairobi-meets-London soundclash. It's one of the year's more interesting releases so far... Jane Cornwell

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Imed Alibi feat Khalil EPI

Frigya Shouka

The mix of drums, synth blasts and rare vinyl vocal samples (and a cameo from violinist Zied Zouari, who appears on ‘Ghajar’ and has previously collaborated with Alibi) is an intense, satisfying and deeply groovy celebration of the mix of African and Arab that makes modern Tunisia... Nathaniel Handy

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